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Move Forward in Your Life

Make your ultimate goals more concrete by visualizing them

You wouldn't build a house without a proper blueprint. E.D.E.N. meditation ("(E)xtensive (D)etachment and (E)go (N)eutralazation") helps you form a blueprint for your life. Divine Incentive Meditation Consultant teaches E.D.E.N. meditation to help people picture their goals and make them become reality.

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How does E.D.E.N. meditation work?

E.D.E.N. stands for "(E)xtensive (D)etachment and (E)go (N)eutralazation". This particular technique is truly where my passion resides. After over 10 years of experience from the initial accidental discovery of it, to the trial and error of understanding this profound technique; I've developed this myself. Over the years I've done a great deal of research to see if this style of deep meditation exists outside of my ideas and perceptions....although certain pieces connect, this truly is the one thing that I offer that simply cannot be taught or learned anywhere else. Similar experiences are hinted at throughout history. Nikola Tesla the father of modern-day electricity, spoke on several different instances that he rarely actually slept, that the majority of the time his eyes were shut he was somewhere else. Where he built his inventions and tested them in another realm, deep within his mind. This is actually where his theories on space and time travel originated from. Through many years of teaching this to clients, even ones claiming to have no imagination; I've fine-tuned the process of crossing this impenetrable threshold to a forgotten area of the mind. Allow me to show you this priceless skill to which there are endless applications. Still skeptical? I implore you to find out for yourself, don't take my word for it.